With ADT You Are Protected Against Unexpected Tragedies

The top provider of security service, Home Security Systems with monitoring by ADT offers superior and expanded services to thousands of houses and families. ADT has been in the security business for over 130 years and has acquired a reputation for being the best with the most respected name in the business. Service include 24-hour monitoring and protection against burglaries and break-ins, medical emergencies, carbon monoxide detection, flooding, fire protection, and a GPS tracking and emergency services for automobiles.

Protect your family and home in against becoming a national statistic. Current data indicates that over the next six years one out of every five homes in will be burglarized, burn, or be effected by carbon monoxide poisoning. Nine out of ten burglars have stated that they would avoid a home protected with Home Security System. Having an burglar alam system makes it three times less likely to be robbed. Fire kills more people than all the natural disasters, and one out of three homes will have a medical emergency this year. Why take the chance?

Equipment is expertly installed by a team of professional technicians who provide instructions and answer all questions to customer satisfaction. Wireless sensors and other state of the art equipment are located in high-traffic areas in and around the periphery of the home, and when activated by an intruder or by a resident, signals are immediately sent to one of five Customer Monitoring Centers strategically located across the United States. By having these centers in different locations, it assures subscribers of continuous service with person-to-person communications in the event of an emergency situation. When a signal is received by the monitoring center, they contact the appropriate agency immediately and alert the subscriber. This assures overall protection and is backed by the best in technologically advanced powerful equipment and trained professionals. It is comparable to having a live-in security professional at your home 24 and 7. Monitoring Centers are supported by multi-tiered disaster preparedness procedures to provide optimal services under adverse conditions. Their Internal Disaster Management Program helped provide uninterrupted services during man-made and natural disasters – Hurricane Andrew and the recovery efforts from the federal building bombing in Oklahoma City.

The first step in providing protection for your home and family is to assess your personal security needs according to the size and location of your house, family members and their activities, and family pets. Take that step forward today and have peace of mind in knowing that your house and family are protected against unexpected tragedies.