The Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Health system says it can clean your teeth in 7-seconds

Oral health has gotten better over the past 100-years. That seems like a long time but if you really think about it, like almost all tech, oral health tech has done a lot of good. Now, a company called Proclaim is looking to usher in a new wave of oral health tech with its Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Health system.

The company says the new Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Health System is here to address a serious, silent health epidemic and finally challenge tedious, unpleasant daily oral care routines. Introducing the world’s first and only at-home oral care innovation that uses personalized, precision technology to drastically improve gum health and remove harmful bacteria in just 7 seconds of daily use.

Each Proclaim system comes with a custom, 3D-printed mouthpiece containing up to 60 precisely placed water jets to blast away bacteria, plaque and food between the teeth and below the gum line – exactly where you need it and where brushing and flossing struggle to reach. Rather than painstakingly and imperfectly cleaning one tooth or small area of the mouth at a time with string or single-jet water flossing, Proclaim expertly targets and automatically cleans everything at once, without the mess.


In fact, this personalized technology is clinically proven to be 10x more effective for reducing gum bleeding, 12.8x more effective for reducing gum inflammation and 7.9x more effective in reducing plaque buildup – compared to string flossing.

The mouth is a significant entry point for harmful bacteria that can threaten your gums, and ultimately, your body. This can potentially lead to more serious systemic health issues, including heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and dementia (to name a few). Given all of this, it’s curious why advancements in the oral care space haven’t evolved in decades, especially because nearly half of adults over 30 have some form of gum disease. Alarmingly, that number rises to 70% for those 65 and over.

“If there’s anything that shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all, it’s a person’s health and wellness approach,” said Heberto Calves, CEO of Proclaim. “By helping people establish complete daily oral care routines that are more personalized, precise and enjoyable, we can help the millions of people struggling with gum disease and, in turn, help prevent many connected systemic diseases in the process.”

The Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Health system says it can clean your teeth in 7-seconds

In just 30-days of active use, clinical study participants using Proclaim, along with daily brushing, showed a reduction in the more common signs of gum disease, including an 82% reduction in gum bleeding, 41% reduction in gum inflammation and 34% reduction in plaque.

Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Health System is now available at for $899 – and for a limited time, consumers can receive $100 off. After placing an order, users will be connected with a Proclaim dental partner office near them for a quick, easy and painless intraoral scan (included in the cost), which is used to design the user’s custom-fit mouthpiece. Orders will begin shipping in summer 2023.